Parking facilities for 20 North Orange consist of a covered private garage, a covered city-owned garage and an hourly surface lot on Central Avenue for visitors. Parking is based on your lease agreement; however, additional parking contracts may be established, if available, at the Tenant’s expense. 

In the private garage, parking in reserved spaces is prohibited. Violators place their vehicles in danger of being towed.

Private Garage Rules & Regulations

  • Landlord has the right to tow or otherwise remove vehicles improperly parked, blocking ingress or egress lanes, at the expense of the tenant and/or owner of the vehicle. 
  • The Landlord and Managing Agent are held harmless from any and all losses, damages, liabilities and expenses which may arise or be claimed against Landlord by Tenants. 
  • The garage has a speed limit of 5 miles per hour. Please observe this rule for your safety and the safety of others. 
  • Areas marked "Reserved" or “Handicapped" are for individuals with reserved or handicapped parking privileges only. All other vehicles are subject to towing at the owner's expense.
  • The clearance is 6 feet 2 inches; therefore, oversized vehicle parking is not available. 
  • There are two garage elevators located by the catwalk, which leads to the building. 
  • If your access card is lost, stolen, damaged, etc. a $25.00 replacement fee will be assessed. It will be necessary to remit the fee prior to the issuance of a new card. 
  • Please lock your vehicle at all times. The Landlord and Managing Agent are not held responsible for theft to your cars.
  • Use of the parking facility for vehicle storage is strictly prohibited and will result in the stored vehicle being towed at the owner's expense.
  • Reserved parking is available at a cost of $180.00 per month plus sales tax. If you are interested in upgrading to a reserved parking space, contact the Management Office at 407-422-8985.
  • Please see the Customer Service section to obtain a copy of the parking form to be completed by each employee for building and parking access.