Medical Emergency

For anything other than a minor medical emergency, immediately notify the Orlando Police Department by dialing (911). Give the following information:

  • Your name, company and building name
  • Floor and/or suite number where the emergency is located
  • Pertinent details of the accident or illness. Check to see if the victim is wearing a Medic Alter or similar bracelet, necklace, etc. It describes the medical emergency requirement of the wearer.

If the injured party needs to be transported to a medical facility, the Orlando Police Department will make the arrangements. The Management Office should be called so that they may be on hand to assist the medical team by providing assistance in locating the injured party and expediting departure from the building.

Do not attempt to move the injured or ill person. Try to make them comfortable. Post one person in the lobby to lead the medical team to the person in distress. Do not allow overcrowding in the vicinity of the injured/ill person; however, do not leave the person unattended. 

In the event immediate first aid is required prior to the arrival of Fire Rescue, follow only Red Cross (or equivalent) first aid procedures.