Life Safety System & Communication

The Building is equipped with a modern Life Safety System, which includes the following features:

  • Automatic Sprinkler & Standpipe System
  • Fire Alarm Pull Stations
  • Smoke Detection Systems
  • Automatic Door Release Systems
  • Emergency Stairwells
  • Emergency Power Service
  • Emergency Communication System
  • Emergency Control Center
  • Audio/Visual Alarms

Listed below are some of the functions of the above systems:

Automatic Sprinkler & Standpipe System
The Building and all its office spaces are fully sprinklered in conformity to NFPA “Natural Fire Protection Association” standards for a commercial office building. This means that sprinklers and standpipes are strategically placed throughout the property at specified distances to protect life and property in the event of a fire.

Fire Alarm Pull Stations
Pull Stations are located next to the two (2) emergency stairwell doors in the corridor on each floor. The fire alarm is activated by manually pulling downward on the activator bar.

Smoke Detection Systems
The Building is equipped with addressable computer interfaced smoke detectors installed in all building core areas. Fire/smoke will initiate the alarm system, pressurize the stairwells and recall elevators to the ground floor.

Automatic Door Release System
This system is designed to automatically close certain doors, which are on magnetic locks, this limits smoke travel.

Elevator Recall & Emergency Services
In the case of fire, elevators are dangerous and are not to be used. The following systems have been installed to safeguard persons using or attempting to use the elevators during a fire emergency.

Automatic Recall
In each elevator lobby above the ground floor, there is a smoke detector for the control of this system. If any of these detectors sense smoke, all elevators will close their doors and return to the ground floor where they will remain with doors open until released by building or fire department personnel. This system may be activated from the Fire Control Room.

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