Power Failure

In the event of a power failure 20 North Orange is equipped with emergency systems which will provide power for emergency lighting, selected elevator service, life safety security systems and water for the restrooms. 

If you experience loss of power in your suite, immediately contact the Management Office. An engineer will be dispatched to assist in restoring power, if the entire building is affected, the Electric Utility Company will be contacted for assistance and building personnel will keep all tenants advised. 

If the power failure occurs during daylight hours, open the blinds to utilize available sunlight. This should be avoided, however, in emergency situations where procedures call for closed blinds. 

Following is a list of items that all tenants should keep on hand in case an emergency of any kind causes the loss of power: 

  • Emergency Lighting – flashlights, flares, light sticks.
  • Batteries – keep a fresh supply
  • Blankets – lightweight fire and shock retardant emergency blankets.
  • Radios – portable transistor radios with extra batteries and two-way radios